Choosing Consistency Over Perfection

Choosing Consistency Over Perfection

July 28, 20232 min read

When embarking on a journey of self-improvement, the weight of self-imposed pressure and high expectations can create the illusion that any misstep is intolerable. After all, you're actively striving for growth, undergoing transformation, and committing resources to these endeavors. Whether your motivation stems from financial gain, a sense of purpose, achieving a specific goal, or simply embracing the journey itself, it's crucial to bear in mind that unwavering consistency surpasses the quest for perfection. Requiring perfection from yourself only paves the way for potential failure, disillusionment, and an unnecessarily arduous path to progress. Instead of perfectionism being the goal of our work together, focus on consistency over perfection by making these fundamental shifts: New Mindset For Recovering Perfectionists.

Perfectionism not only thwarts the potential for positive outcomes but also sabotages the very journey towards your aspirations. It resembles a relentless hamster wheel, creating the illusion of progress while leaving you right where you began once you step off it. Furthermore, the specter of perfectionism often deters you from even embarking on your path to health and wellness, fostering a discouraging mindset that questions the worth of change unless it can be "perfect."

The pursuit of perfection engenders an all-or-nothing mentality that festers in your daily life, fueling fears of failure and disappointment. Eventually, under the weight of this mindset, you are likely to surrender, abandoning your efforts and returning to square one. Therefore, it is imperative to challenge and recalibrate your perfectionist outlook to propel your progress forward rather than derail it. This transformation necessitates a shift in your inner narrative, prioritizing consistency over perfectionism.

To facilitate this shift in mindset, tap into your WHY. Delve deep within to unearth a compelling source of motivation that will keep you committed during challenging moments. Your WHY represents the purpose, conviction, or cause that propels you toward your goals, guiding you to discover your true purpose and align your actions accordingly.

Choosing Consistency Over Perfection


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