Embracing Faith Over Fear: Your Path to Love and Fulfillment

Embracing Faith Over Fear: Your Path to Love and Fulfillment

July 21, 20232 min read

Even amidst the most challenging circumstances, you possess the inner strength to turn to faith as your guiding light back to love. As you begin to experience relief and embrace the power of love, your ego, often the voice of fear within you, might interject, whispering, "That's too good to be true."

When that voice of fear attempts to dominate your thoughts, follow these transformative steps to transmute fear into faith and allow yourself to thrive.

For many grappling with body image and disordered eating, a critical, fault-finding mindset prevails over a solution-oriented, happiness-driven perspective. The next time you sense negativity or doubt creeping in, I urge you to respond to that voice.

Assert, "Thank you for sharing, but I choose happiness. I no longer subscribe to your beliefs. I now choose love." In that very moment, grant yourself the permission to counter the fault-finding voice and affirm the greatness that resides within you.

When You Encounter Turbulence, Practice THIS: Whenever you notice yourself becoming reactive, judgmental, critical, or fixated on a problem, instead, offer this heartfelt prayer (addressed to your higher power or the universe):

"I choose love unconditionally. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, God. Thank you, Spirit, for unveiling the path of love and solutions before me."

Transform Pain into Purpose:

When you find the capacity to be grateful for your past, regardless of how arduous it may have been, you gain a profound understanding of the wisdom those experiences imparted.

As you look back and say, "I am resilient! See how much I've grown from those challenges. I am freer than ever," and as you choose to view your past through the lens of gratitude and love, you can move forward with unwavering faith and grace.

Grant Yourself Permission:

If you're wondering how to cultivate trust in the voice of inspiration over the voice of fear, make a conscious shift by incorporating more inspiring activities into your life. Focus on actions and thoughts that momentarily set aside logic and rationale, allowing inspiration and joy to flow through you.

Each time you permit yourself to cease overthinking and begin allowing, inspiration emerges in place of fear.

This subtle shift, as you choose to realign with love, will expand your consciousness, enabling you to perceive life through the lens of love rather than the lens of fear.

P.S. Check out this enlightening video on How to Choose Love Instead of Fear with Marianne Williamson for further insights.

Embracing Faith Over Fear: Your Path to Love and Fulfillment

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