Finding Peace With Food

By Rebecca Capps | Eating Disorder

Find Peace With Food | Blog Post featured image | Mind Body Holistic Counseling | Santa Barbara, CA 93101When you discover how to step beyond your cravings and habits, and you’ve finally decided that you wish to live a life of freedom, a life of adventure….the first thing you must do, then, is to make peace with food and your body.

I would say that the first feeling that comes up for my clients, at least at first, when we get to talking about food is fear. Sadly, we do not talk about what is delicious, satisfying, or fun about eating—and food should be all of those things—but instead, we talk about how food has a client feeling trapped, ill, or held back in her life.

Food, for far too many of us, has become the enemy. And no wonder: when we are consistently given the message that we’re not supposed to enjoy our bodies, how can we even begin to enjoy a meal? How on earth can we enjoy food if it’s become our secret, shamefully ingested source of comfort? Or a replacement for the partner we long for, that meaningful job we don’t yet have, or all the other unmet desires and needs we’ve long neglected? When we are prisoners of food and a poor self-image, there is no way that we can enjoy that relationship. Not. One. Bit.

But I’m here to also let you in on a very real truth, which is: you can 100% start a new relationship with food that will provide you with more than just the nutritional foundation you need to be healthy, alert, and in sync with your needs; it will also become a source of deep pleasure in your life. If you wish to know more about how to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body, or if you have any questions about my services—free to reach out to me at any point….I’m here to help!


With love,
Rebecca Capps, MA, MFT